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Weltman Home Services - Plumbing Service Review from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

The laundry sink drain in our basement was clogged & since I had seen a Weltman truck in our neighborhood (New Providence, NJ) I phoned for a quote but was told a $49 charge would be incurred when the rep came and assessed the job. When he came several hours later he agreed it was the line from the laundry sink to the main drain and quoted $285 plus tax. I told him I thought that price was very steep (since I'd seen competitor ads for $99) and asked if there were a discount (senior, veteran etc). He said NO but could waive the $49 house call charge ? and showed me an Ipad with Weltman's charges for drain cleaning ( which displayed a price above $500 for a laundry sink but he said he would use the $285 charge shown for a vanity sink ? At this point I reluctantly agreed since it would have cost $49 to decline and have him leave. He used a hand held electric snake and was able to clear the clog. I asked about a warranty and when he asked for how long I suggested 60 days to which he replied he could do 30 days. Yesterday, 38 DAYS LATER, the drain clogged again so I phoned Weltman and explained that we are 8 days beyond the 30 day warranty the rep gave and asked for them to re do the job at no cost since it happened so soon and just my wife and I reside in the house and don't run the clothes washer very often. I was treated as though it was my original request ($49 plus whatever the rep would want after coming) so I asked the woman if I could speak with a mgr but she said he wasn't there. I asked if she would have him call me and she said she would E Mail him and request that he call me. Within minutes, the same woman called me back and said her mgr said 30 days was the policy. She asked if I wanted a rep to come out. I said I would get back to her after I thought about it. I then phoned a well known competitor and asked for a quotes since they advertise "Any drain cleaned for $99". On the phone they said $99, came two hours later and used a large machine on wheels (vs the small hand held tool Weltman used). This man ran that snake 75 feet out into the line that goes to the street (vs 20 feet the Weltman tech told me he did). Not only did this new company honor their $99 advertised price but applied a 5% Senior discount without being asked AND warranties the job for a FULL YEAR during which they will come again AT NO Charge one time. Weltman charged us THREE TIMES as much and obviously didn't do the job properly and then wanted $49 to return (plus probably another $285 to do it again). PS: Before writing this, I phoned Weltman today to tell them of my displeasure as well as the fact that I had to spend an additional $99 to do the job after paying them THREE TIMES that much just 38 days prior (during which we may have used the clothes washer a half dozen times). The man I spoke with today offered nothing but said he would make his manager aware and took my name and phone.
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During the 6 months since I wrote this report, Weltman has continued to mail us offers for various services (which we ignore). However, when they have phoned us (twice) we made them aware of our initial complaint that they have failed to remedy. Obviously, they are more interested in trolling for new customers than satisfying existing customers.


WeItman has not contacted us during the 30 days sine I made them aware of our dissatisfaction. I will continue to make friends and neighbors aware of our bad experience with them.

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Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
  • Overpriced and original issue was not corrected
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Over Priced and unwilling to return to correct the original problem
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The Worst

Update by user Sep 25, 2018

I would not call them scam artist just 50x more expensive than they should be . Shame on them, and shame on anyone who uses them

Original review posted by user Sep 24, 2018
I called them to fix a floaty on a sump pump that cost $6. They tried to convince me I needed a new pump (I showed tech it was working) and he gave me a proposal for $1000. I had another service company come right after them and they fixed the whole thing is 7 minutes. the part cost $6,$6! After they gave the $1000 quote I said that is a joke and the tech said " I sell the product but dont set the prices" He knew that they price was ridiculous. He also started walking around the house and pointed to our "Old" heating unit " hot water" heater etc and telling me what was wrong with them when Nothing is. We have great heat in house and great hot water. He was just trying to drum up business. He knew that I was not a sucker when I started questioning him on what he was doing. I would not call him a scam artist but definitely there are better companies out there to deal with who are honesy
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Poor customer service

I guess they’re just out for the $$$...what a shame.

Weltman Home Services - I guess they’re just out for the $$$...what a shame.
I called 10 days ago with a slow bathtub drain. I had used snakes and used liquids but it was still slow. Figured I’d better call while the problem was small. Technician was very nice. He sold me a solution to use 5 nights then every month. It was $185 which I refused. Somehow it then became $131so I agreed and used. That was in addition to the $319 to unclog the drain. My drain is now completely clogged and has 4 inches of standing water. Also when u turn on the sink the water go into the tub. I called Weltman - assuming they would come out and fix the problem I paid $300+ for...nope, not unless I agreed to pay $75, again, to have someone come out. I pulled out the receipt and sure enough: “there is no warranty on today’s work”. They obviously do not stand behind their work. Run, do not walk, away from this company. (To Weltman: do not call me as I have someone else coming to fix your mess)
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Weltman home services